Electrical Switchboards

Nowadays electrical siwtchboard is a device with high importance either for commercial, industrial or residential use. They may be of metal, fiber or PVC; embedded, semi-embedded or protruding; they can be wall type or settlement soil (cells); electrical distribution and / or power, with or without automation.

The company A. L. Correia makes a lifting of the needs together with their clients and suggests device(s) appropriate(s).

We are official builders ABB with a wide experience in the field of electrical switchboards with technical capacity to meet the most varied demands of our customers, the market and legislation.

All electric boards manufactured by AL Correia, Lda are subjected to rigorous tests based on European Directive 2006/95/EC (revoke directive 73/23/EEC) for Low Voltage Equipment and Satisfy the dispositions according to the harmonized standards EN 60439-1 Establishes requirements for the manufacture of electrical switchboards, safety and possibility of maintenance.

Examples of boards the company manufactures
– Electrical Boards of energy distribution;
– Board of motive power and automation;
– Inversion Board (Manual / Automatic);
– Reactive / harmonic power compensation Board;
– Cutting Boards and protection;
– Boards to support works.